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Medium Profile High Intensity Beacon

ECCO's 6900 Series strobes feature patented i.beam LED technology, which constantly monitors circuit board and flashtube performance. If the lamp fails and the circuit board LED is still flashing the user knows that the flashtube needs replacing.

  • A medium profile (6.8" x 6.01") heavy-duty beacon.
  • Benefits include: die cast aluminum base, dual or quad flashes, shock resistance and i.beam technology that monitors flash tube performance.
  • An integral flange allows for flush or 1" pipe mounting and is pre-wired for installation.
  • AMECA certified to SAE J1318 Class I.
  • Reverse polarity and voltage transient protected.
  • Operates constantly at the SAE Class I output level.
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10040 Medium Profile High Intensity Beacon, Amber (1 MIN)
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