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Expandable Tubing Hot Knife & Electric Rope Cutter

This expandable tubing hot knife, or also referred to as an electric rope cutter, is designed to simultaneously cut and seal PET expandable sleeving and/or nylon rope up to 1 inch thick. It is best practice to cut expandable sleeving with a hot knife cutting tool because the heated blade will keep the material fibers together. Simply draw a piece of sleeving or rope down across the heated blade while keeping it taunt to cut. This will allow both hands to be free to use the heat to seal and flare both ends. This particular hot knife is specifically designed to be bench mounted and must be used in a well ventilated area.

  • Expandable sleeving should be cut with a hot knife cutting tool or similar heated blade to keep the yarn together.
  • This bench mount 110V AC tool enables the operator to draw flexible sleeving down across the knife blade-under tension.
  • Both hands are then free to seal and flare ends.
  • Must be used in a well ventilated area; instructions are printed on tool.
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990070 Pearson 1010, Expandable Tubing Hot Knife/Electric Rope Cutter 225.52 1 EA
Prop65 Warning