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Fuel Injection Hose Clamps

Proper fuel injection is a crucial function within a vehicle. A well-maintained fuel injection system will create better throttle response, fewer maintenance issues, and improved fuel efficiency. These fuel injection hose clamps create an even sealing pressure which is specifically designed for clamping a fuel line injection hose. Tighter fuel line clamps may help prevent issues within your fuel injection system, which when faulty, can cause severe engine damage. To install, match the appropriate clamp size to your fuel injection line hose, and simply place the clamp over the hose and screw in the bolt until it is tight. While the fuel line clamps are uniquely created for fuel line injection hoses, they also have the versatility to be used in any appropriate industrial application in which your hoses, wires, or cords need to be securely clamped. Three different sizes of fuel line clamps are available to match your fuel line hose or other application needs.

  • Designed with a non-perforated band of aluzinc-coated carbon.
  • Zinc-plated carbon screw and nut.
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210402 Fuel Injection Hose Clamps, 7/16"-1/2"
0.40600 4.06 I 0.31400 3.14 I 0.25300 2.53
10 EA
210602 Fuel Injection Hose Clamps,1/2"-19/32"
0.42800 4.28 I 0.32600 3.26 I 0.26400 2.64
10 EA
210802 Fuel Injection Hose Clamps, 9/16"-5/8"
0.45 4.50 I 0.34900 3.49 I 0.27500 2.75
10 EA
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