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Ideal-Tridon Fuel Injection Hose Clamps

Ideal-Tridon’s Flex-Gear stainless steel hose clamps use a Belleville spring design to eliminate “cold flow” leakage that adjusts with the hose and fitting to maintain constant tension on the connection. The larger, heavier-gauge, precision-formed springs provide higher rates of band tension and adjustment for a more reliable seal. These clamps are designed with an inner liner used to protect against shearing and damage of hose surfaces. Flex-Gear clamps are ideal for fluctuating temperature applications and thermal compensation.

  • Designed to provide the uniform sealing pressure required on fuel injection hoses.
  • Feature a plated carbon steel 9mm band and 7mm hex head.
  • Supplied in boxes of 10 clamps.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Ideal clamps are experiencing a material shortage. All out of stock items do not have an ETA at this time.
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310402 Ideal-Tridon Fuel Injection Hose Clamp, Size 13 (7/16"- 1/2"), 52F13 (10 MIN)
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10 EA
310602 Ideal-Tridon Fuel Injection Hose Clamp, Size 15 (1/2"- 9/16"), 52F15 (10 MIN)
0.45 I 0.38160 I 0.31
10 EA
310802 Ideal-Tridon Fuel Injection Hose Clamp, Size 16 (9/16"- 5/8"), 52F16 (10 MIN)
0.49 I 0.39220 I 0.32
10 EA Call
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