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ATC & ATO Fuse Panels

ATC & ATO Fuse Panels without Grounding Pad

ATC & ATO Fuse Panels without Grounding Pad 8-way Fuse Panel without Grounding Pad 10-way Fuse Panel without Grounding Pad 12-way Fuse Panel without Grounding Pad

ATO &ATO fuse panels are designed without a grounding pad and can be used with ATC style fuses and circuit breakers. These ATC and ATO fuse panels are ideal for automotive, recreational and marine applications.

  • Easy wiring with 1/4" quick connect branch circuit terminal and stud common ground or 1/4" quick connect if preferred.
  • No top cover is needed, recessed trifurcate fuse contacts.
  • Recessed mounting holes and molded of high grade thermoplastic.
  • Rated up to 30 amps max per branch (160 amps maximum for total panel)
  • -29°C to 65°C (-20°F to 150°F) with a 94V-O flame retardant.
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70165 ATC/ATO Blade-type Fuse Panel, 6 position (1 MIN)
12.95 I 11.02 I 10.04
1 EA
70185 ATC/ATO Blade-type Fuse Panel, 8 position (1 MIN)
15.54 I 13.48 I 12.22
1 EA
70105 ATC/ATO Blade-type Fuse Panel, 10 position (1 MIN)
17.86 I 15.55 I 14.12
1 EA
70125 ATC/ATO Blade-type Fuse Panel, 12 position (1 MIN)
20.39 I 17.00 I 15.67
1 EA