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Stewart Warner Heavy-Duty Series Speedometers - 5-85 MPH

Stewart Warner Heavy-duty Series speedometers is available as single or dual scale and electrical or electrical programmable. All heavy-duty speedometers feature a built-in odometer, and provide a classic, OEM look most commonly found in trucks.

  • 5-85 MPH Speedometer with Odometer.
  • 3-3/8" Electrical Programmable.
  • Use either 82623B or 82646 sender.
  • Stewart Warner HEAVY DUTY Series part number 82642.
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0-80MPH 5-85MPH
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4000602 Speedometer, 3-3/8", Elec 5-85MPH, Prog Odometer, HD 82642 (1 MIN) Sale Price: 247.42
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