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Pressure Senders - 0-100psi

These pressure senders have a thick film that will last up to five times longer than senders with wire-wound resistors. The connector assures a weather tight fit for a reliable electric connection. Preferred for the most rigorous applications.

  • Pressure senders measure oil pressure within your engine and relay the information to your oil pressure gauge.
  • Measures 0-100psi / 0-7 BAR at 240-33.5 Ohm resistance.
  • 1/8" - 27 thread port.
  • #10-32 stud terminal.
  • Sender utilizes a common ground.
80PSI - 279A 100PSI - 279B-F 150PSI - 279C 0-100PSI
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9025050 Pressure Sender, 1/8"-27 thread, 10-32 stud, 0-100 psi/0-7 bar (1 MIN) 48.36 1 EA