HVAC Heat-Stabilized Heavy-Duty Cable Ties - Natural

HVAC extra heavy-duty cable ties are designed for a long lasting and tough performance in your heating, ventilating, or air conditioning application. Manufactured with one-piece construction, HVAC heavy-duty cable ties can stand up to the demands of your contracting project. Created from nylon 6/6 and designed to meet flammability classifications. Raised ridges on the cable ties tips provide a secure grip while requiring minimal effort to close. HVAC cable ties are available in either 36" or 48" varieties in both black and natural. Natural ties possess a slight green tint due to heat stabilization. For a high-quality, cost-effective, heavy-duty cable tie that you can rely on, look no further than Del City's HVAC extra heavy-duty cable ties.

  • Heat-Stabilized.
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F).
  • Tensile Strength of 175 pounds.
  • UL181B-C Listed for use with UL Non-Metallic Air Ducts and Air Connectors.
  • UL62275 Listed for Electrical Installations.
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9750 HVAC Heat-stabilized Heavy-duty Cable Ties, Natural, 36" (50 MIN)
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