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Heavy-Duty Crimp Tool - Hex-Crimp

Hex-Crimp Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

Hex-Crimp Heavy Duty Crimp Tool DIES FOR 990000

This heavy duty crimper is designed to crimp battery terminals and cable lugs and has self-contained crimp dies that rotate within the head for easy interchangeability. The finished crimp takes the form of the hex-crimp tooling.

  • Designed for all 6 gauge through 4/0 gauge die cast copper battery terminals or lugs.
  • Hex-crimp design provides equal pressure on six sides of the terminal or lug.
  • 20" handles provide maximum leverage.
  • Over-all length is 26" long.
  • Features a lock button for rotating dies.
  • Chart for selecting correct die setting included.
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990000 Heavy Duty Hex Crimp Tool 6 - 4/0 Gauge, Adjustable Heads (1 MIN) 344.38 1 EA
8100020 Updated Dies FOR 990000 (1 MIN) 83.13 1 EA