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Universal V-Crimp Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

This heavy duty crimp tool features an adjustable head that crimps different gauge battery terminals and cable lugs. The handles provide maximum leverage while providing an over-all length around 2 feet.

  • Adjustable head that crimps from 6-gauge up to 4/0-gauge.
  • The finished crimp takes the form of the v-crimp tooling.
  • The crimpers 20" handles provide maximum leverage.
  • Over-all length is around two feet at 24 1/2" long.
  • Adjustment chart located on the front and back identifying the correct head height for crimping.
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990001 Heavy Duty V-Style Crimp Tool, 6 - 4/0 Gauge, Adjustable Head (1 MIN) 229.03 1 EA