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Butterfly Socket - 1/2 Inch Drive

This butterfly socket is a unique socket that can be used in tight spaces where open wrenches cannot reach. Fits both SAE and Metric and works on various fastener types, such as hydraulic, A/C fittings, tie-rod ends, and diesel injectors.

  • Features unique 10mm or 3/8" socket.
  • Can be used in tight spots and on various fastener types, such as hydraulic, A/C and plumbing fittings, tie-rod ends, O2 sensors and diesel injectors.
  • Sockets also work well on damaged or worn fasteners.
  • To use, simply open the socket and close socket around the fastener.
  • Insert either a square drive torque wrench or breaker bar for easy loosening or precise tightening.
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9903899 10mm-3/8" Butterfly Socket, 1/2" drive (1 MIN) 30.23 1 EA Call