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Metal Staples - 3 Cond

Steel metal staples for Romex and non-metallic cable provide durable protection when fastening electric cable to wood. These staples offer a recessed head to ensure straight insertion and the safety of the cable jacket during installation. Legs drive straight to resist splitting wood. Secure your electric cable with quality steel staples.

  • Secures Romex wire and other types of non-metallic (NM) cable.
  • Recessed head drives faster and protects cable insulation.
  • Pointed legs drive in straight; will not split wood.
  • Preferred length.
  • Virtually oil-free for cleaner handling.
  • Sharper tips for easy starting.
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19015174 Metal Staple, 3 Cond, 9/16", 1 Jar of 450 Staples (1 MIN) 11.10 1 EA
19015178 Metal Staple, 3 Cond, 9/16", 1 Bucket of 5000 Staples (1 MIN) 63.81 1 EA