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Hi-Amp, Bi-Stable Relays

These relays will support your remote power switching applications that require high continuous current passage, large engine starting needs and high ambient temperatures. These relays help reduce cost and save weight by eliminating the need to route heavy copper cables directly to loads with the relay positioned close to the battery or in-line with the desired cable routing allowing you to remotely control the unit with a fine wire harness. Ideally suited for heavy duty trucks, construction, agricultural equipment or heavy duty lighting equipment. The compact footprint design saves space in your installation. A 12-way connector and terminals are required to complete the installation of these relays.

  • Operating Temp: -40° C to 85° C
  • Ingress Protection: IP66/IP69K. RoHS and CE Rated.
  • Mounting Hardware (counter-bore mounting holes) M6 or 1/4"
  • Bi-stable internal mechanism draw no current in the on or off state saving your batteries voltage supply.
  • Operational Vibration: 8 G
  • High-Amp Terminal Hardware M10-1.4 Serrated Flange Nut (15 mm hex socket)
  • Supports US DOT 11579 and EU ADR requirements for hazmat vehicle compliance.
  • Click here for an install wiring reference guide
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67070 High-Amp, Bi-Stable Relay, 12V, Single Pole, 600A Continuous (1 MIN, SPECIAL ORDER) 215.00 1 EA Call
67071 High-Amp, Bi-Stable Relay, 12V, Dual Pole, 300A Continuous (1 MIN) 215.00 1 EA Call

Hi-Amp, Bi-Stable Relay Connectors & Terminals

One female connector (67072) and 12 terminals (67073 or 67074) are required to complete the installation of the hi-amp, bi-stable relays.

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67072 12-way MOLEX MX150 Sealed Female Connector Molex 33472-1206 (1 MIN)
3.68 I 3.34 I 2.63
1 EA
67073 16-18 Ga Female APEX 150 Terminal Delphi 13779834 (1 MIN)
2.68 I 2.47 I 2.26
1 EA
67074 20-22 Ga Female APEX 150 Terminal Delphi 13725913 (1 MIN)
2.68 I 2.47 I 2.26
1 EA
Prop65 Warning