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Mechanics Wire

Mechanics wire is a soft annealed steel wire that can be easily bent, molded, and configured. The mechanics wire design makes it the go to repair tool for use in emergency or temporary-fix situations. It is commonly used for repairing general automotive quick fix applications including broken clamps, fasteners and other general maintenance needs. Mechanics wire is also malleable enough to be used in almost any application that needs an efficient and quick fix. High quality, long-lasting and durable mechanics wire is available from Del City in convenient 50 foot coils of 19 gauge wire, making it ideal for any size job or to just keep in your trunk for quick fix help when you need it.

  • 19 gauge soft annealed wire.
  • Designed to be used in almost any application.
  • Commonly used in exhaust or general automotive repairs.
  • Can easily be bent, molded or configured to secure just about anything.
  • Available in a convenient 50 foot coil.
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12202200 Mechanics Wire, 19 gauge bare, 50-ft (1 MIN)
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