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Infinity Box Input/Output Module

The Infinity Box family of modules offers simple J1939 input and output control to any CAN network. The IOX variant has been designed to add switch inputs and low-current outputs to any network. The IOX has 5 low-side switch inputs and 5 low-side switch outputs. The switches can be used to send J1939 commands to any of the J1939 compliant modules in the Infinity Box product line (80661 and 80662). Up to 6 IOX modules can be added to a single J1939 network, offering a total of 30 outputs. The outputs on the IOX can be used locally to drive switch indicators or other low-current outputs. The IOX family of products are built to be small and integrated in the harness anywhere in the vehicle. They are fully sealed and can be used in environments where water splash may occur. The package is small enough to be loomed in the harness behind a panel of switches. Using true-multiplexing, you can add IOX modules anywhere in the vehicle and connect them to the output modules through 4 simple wires. The Infinity Box output modules can be configured to react in anyway based on inputs from the IOX modules. This behavior is set by the address of the IOX module, which can be easily updated in the field. No software tools are required to set the address of the IOX modules. Module features include: simple addition of inputs, indicators and low-current outputs to any J1939 network, 5 inputs and 5 outputs, 6 IOX addresses available, board internally fused and protected against load dump per SAE J1113-11, all inputs and outputs protected against Electro-Static Discharge per IEC 61000-4-2, user configurable in the field.

  • Inputs: 5, low-side switched. Tolerant to +/- 60VDC. Outputs: 5, low-side switched. Maximum current draw per output of 500 mA.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 7 to 28V DC.
  • Steady-State Current Draw: 0.010 A Nominal.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +85°C.
  • Sealing Rating: IP64.
  • Use with the Infinity Box PowerCell or the Infinity Box inMOTION.
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