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Metri-Pack 280 Sealed MINI®/MICRO® Combination Panel - 30 Amp, Non-Bussed

The sealed MINI fuse and ISO 280 MINI relay panel has two power distribution circuits. Circuit one is an individually powered fuse way that accepts up to ten(10) MINI fuses. Circuit two is an individually powered fuse/relay way that accepts up to ten(10) MINI fuses or five(5) ISO 280 MINI relays or a combination of each. Accepts 12-22 gauge wires.

  • Fuse branches are rated up to 30 amps maximum per branch and the bussed M6 input studs are rated up to 80 amps maximum.
  • Note that the entire panel cannot exceed 160 amps (80 amps per side) maximum.
  • Metri-Pack 280 "Tangless" terminals seals and cavity plugs (sold separately).
  • Use Delphi Packard 280 Series cavity plugs 75042 where wires are not used.
  • Can be surface mounted when combined with 15303001 mounting brackets.
  • Bussed means one common power input for all circuits.
  • IP66-IEC 60529 (Valid when properly installed with cover, sealed terminals and cavity plugs).
  • Click here for the mounting brackets.
  • Click here for compatible stud end caps.
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15303404 Sealed Fuse & Relay Combination Panel - Accepts 20 MINI Fuses or MINI Fuse & MICRO 280 Relays, Metri-Pack 280 Female Terminals, NON-Bussed 30A Max per Branch (1 MIN) drawing
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