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ISO 280 Micro Relay with Resistor - 12V DC, 20/35 Amp

ISO 280 Micro Relay is designed to be a smaller ("micro") version of standard relays. This micro relay features an ISO 280 footprint, pin size and arrangement, that fits within common Mini ATM fuse boxes. The ISO 280 micro relay is a changeover relay with five (5) pin configuration and also features a built-in resistor. The resistor protects your equipment and application against voltage spikes. Additional, the micro size of the relay offers a great space saving solution.

  • Sealed base with tinned terminals.
  • 301-1C-C-R1-U01-12VDC = Item #74980.
  • 12 volt, 20/35 amp
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74980 NC/NO ISO-280 Miniature Change Over Relay, 20/35A, 12V DC (1 MIN) drawing
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