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Illuminated O-Ring Toggle Switches - SPST

Illuminated O-ring toggle switches feature a switch lever the completely illuminates when actuated. The O-ring on the base of the switch lever completely protects the switch by deterring moisture and dust from causing internal damage.

  • Lighted toggle contains an internal O ring seal to protect against dust and moisture.
  • Available in both dependent and independent illumination circuits.
  • Rated for 12 volts.
  • Recommended mounting hole: 1/2" diameter.
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7000007 SPST Illuminated Red/White On-Off Wedge Toggle, DC Rated Only (1 MIN) drawing
16.06300 I 13.45500 I 10.54700
1 EA
7200025 SPST Illuminated Red On-Off Wedge Toggle Switch DC Rated Only (1 MIN) drawing
15.16300 I 12.75100 I 9.76
1 EA
7900065 SPST Illuminated Red/White On-Off Wedge Toggle DC Only (1 MIN) drawing
15.77300 I 13.18600 I 10.17400
1 EA
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