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JCASE® Fuses

A JCASE® fuse is the female version of blade-type fuses with a protective cartridge design, a form of the cartridge fuse types. The design of the JCASE® fuse reduces standard wear and tear on automotive or marine circuit protection. This fuse line contains standard female cartridges in low profile and FMX fuse varieties. Although JCASE® fuses are commonly found in new car models, they can also be utilized in a wide range of electrical applications. As long as circuit protection is needed, a JCASE® fuse can help. Along with this fuse line, inline and low profile fuse holders are available as well. These fuse holders complete housing and protection for your fuse. Del City carries a fuse puller specifically designed for JCASE® fuses to ease the replacing of a fuse that was blown. This specific fuse in cartridge fuse types is rated up to 32V DC and available in 20-60 amps to meet a wide variety of applications and installations. Shop each of the cartridge fuse types below in order to find the best JCASE® fuse and fuse accessories for your electrical job.

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