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LED Illuminated Appliance Rocker Switches - SPST, DC Rated

LED Appliance rocker switches have an illuminating dot that comes in a variety of different LED colors and illuminates when the switch is actuated to the "on" position. Each LED appliance rocker switch is made of a black nylon housing, which actively deters debris such as grease, oil and moisture.

  • Black nylon housing and actuator with LED dot.
  • Minimal draw requirement for LED is 20mA at 2.2V DC.
  • Rated for 20A at 12V DC, ideal for automotive.
  • .250" mounting tabs.
  • Fits standard .550" x 1.125 panel cutout.
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7400500 SPST On-Off LED Illuminated Rocker Switch, Snap-in, Red, DC Rated Only (1 MIN)
7.32 I 5.50 I 4.18
1 EA
7400515 SPST On-Off LED Iluminated Rocker Switch, Snap-in, Green, DC Rated Only (1 MIN)
7.23 I 5.50 I 4.18
1 EA
7400525 SPST On-Off LED Illuminated Rocker Switch, Snap-In, Amber, DC Rated Only (1 MIN)
6.71 I 5.38 I 4.18
1 EA
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