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LED Full Size Euro-Style Rocker Switches - SPST

These Euro-style full size rocker switches are available in SPST actuation and features an LED dot located on the rocker face that illumines when switched in the “On” position. These illumined Euro-style rockers give a sleek look and feature a wave-like actuator that acts as a drainage system to funnel water away from internal switch components.

  • Flowing contoured actuator provides a sleek Euro-style appearance and visual identification for an activated circuit.
  • These nylon 6/6 actuators and frames are designed with a drainage system to help funnel water away from the internal switch components.
  • Snap-in mounting allows easy installation.
  • Fits standard rocker cut out .830" x 1.450".
  • Switches are rated up to 20 amps in 12 volt DC applications.
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7700400 SPST On-Off Red LED Illuminated Euro Style Rocker drawing
8.23900 8.24 I 6.42700 6.43 I 4.60600 4.61
1 PC
7700401 SPST On-Off Amber LED Illuminated Euro Style Rocker drawing
9.51200 9.51 I 7.49300 7.49 I 5.36100 5.36
1 PC
7700403 SPST On-Off Blue LED Illuminated Euro Style Rocker drawing
9.34600 9.35 I 7.34900 7.35 I 5.26800 5.27
1 PC
7700404 SPST On-Off White LED Illuminated Euro Style Rocker (LIMITED QUANTITY) (1 MIN) drawing
12.92 12.92 I 10.36 10.36 I 7.40 7.40
1 PC
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