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LED Load Resistors

Upgrade from incandescent turn signals to LED models for safer, cost-efficient lighting. A LED load resistor is required per LED light to allow the turn signal to flash at the proper rate. Load resistors generate heat and will need to be mounted to metal, away from plastic materials.

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7282 Optronics ALEDRST1B, LED Load Equalizer with Lead (1 MIN)
11.30200 11.30 I 9.75 9.75 I 7.95900 7.96
1 EA
7283 Optronics ALEDRST2B, LED Load Equalizer with Lead and PL-3 Plug (1 MIN)
11.98600 11.99 I 10.68100 10.68 I 9.01600 9.02
1 EA
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