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MEGA® Fuses

A MEGA fuse is a bolt-down fuse designed for use on high current or heavy-gauge applications. Examples include battery or alternator protection for when a MEGA fuse would come in handy. MEGA fuses are available in a higher amp range versus standard fuses, making them the go-to for high-amp protection. This is especially true in applications with a space restraint or an application that requires multiple circuits. Del City offers four types of MEGA fuses. The MEGA fuse line is available in 100 to 500 amp sizes. The BF2 MEGA fuse features transparent housing, making a blown fuse easier to spot. These MEGA fuses are offered in 100 to 500 amps. The UL rate MEGA fuse complies with the special fuse standard in an 80 to 175 amperage options. Lastly, low temperature MEGA fuses thrive up to -40°C and 125 to 275 amps. With this variety Del City is sure to provide the MEGA fuse that is right for you. Need extra protection and organization in your specific application? Del City offers a variety of fuse holders, including those compatible with MEGA fuses. All fuses below match with our line of MEGA Fuse Holders.

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