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MIDI Fuse Holder & Power Distribution

Del City offers a variety of MIDI® Fuse Holders and Power Distribution Modules. The MDB series MIDI® fuse holders are an internally bussed, water-proof and dust-proof fuse holder developed for high current loads, and harsh conditions. This style fuse holder can be configured with 2 or 3 MIDI® fuses and includes the cover seal and M5 thread bolts for fuse installation. Ideal for construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles and other applications for high amperage loads. The Blue Sea Systems MIDI® Safety Fuse Block is ignition protected for use on gasoline powered equipment with 30A to 200A circuits. The sealed cover protects fuses from harsh environments and satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. The Flex MIDI® fuse holder is used with MIDI® style fuses, which are rated up to 200A. This holder offers a flexible cover, which allows entry from virtually any direction, large wire size and ring terminal stack up. The LTX Power Distribution Module is a high current sealed primary fuse box that can be placed in the battery box, or near the battery box to fuse major feeder cables. The unit features bussed input to all 4 MEGA® and 2 MIDI® fuses, putting all the high current fusing in one sealed location. Common input reduces the number of large gauge cables that need to attach to battery. Del City also carries complimentary fuses, fuse blocks, and other fuse accessories, but individual MIDI® fuses are sold separately.

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