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MINI® ATM Fuse Blocks

The MINI® fuse block line is compatible with standard or indicator MINI® fuses. Del City offers a MINI® fuse block line for easy surface mounting. With the ease of use and durability, this MINI® fuse block line is becoming one of the go-to mini fuse block types. These MINI® fuse blocks are ideal for both automotive and marine applications and have extra protective qualities. Debris is no match for the protective cover and rubber gasket seal on each MINI® fuse block. For a quality and durable MINI® fuse block, check out Del City’s line today!

  • Rated at 15 amps per circuit, 12V DC.
  • .250" male blade (side blade installation).
  • Base material is nylon UL 94VO.
  • Polycarbonate protective cover included.
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, and 10-way sizes.
  • Compatible with mini fuses and MINI® indicator fuses, sold separately.
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75800 MINI Fuse Block 4-way (1 MIN)
17.10900 I 15.64900 I 13.71400
1 EA
75805 MINI Fuse Block, 6-way (1 MIN)
20.69 I 17.86400 I 15.09
1 EA
75810 MINI Fuse Block, 8-way (1 MIN)
24.42600 I 21.10400 I 17.82300
1 EA
75815 MINI Fuse Block, 10-way (1 MIN)
30.29400 I 26.24800 I 22.31500
1 EA
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