Marine Circuit Breakers

To put it simply, a circuit breaker is meant to protect your circuit at all costs. If excess current arises, the circuit breaker will detect this fault and work to interrupt the current flow. These devices are especially important to marine applications as they significantly decrease the chance of an electrical fire, the leading cause of electrical issues in a boat or other marine vessel. Del City carries circuit breakers with three main functions: automatic reset, modified reset, and manual reset. These allow the circuit breakers to be used multiple times (unlike a fuse) once they are reset. Hi-Amp Marine breakers and Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breaker Blocks are crafted specifically for the marine industry and are a favorite among boat owners. Del City also offers stud mount breakers, thermal push button, switch breakers, ATO/ATC breakers, mid-range circuit breakers, and blade circuit breakers to be sure you find the perfect fit.

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