Marine Lighting

Marine lighting is an extensive category that provides products such as trailer light kits, clearance marker lights, marine spotlights, warning lights, and diodes. Boat trailers are often overlooked in the marine space, but Del City provides multiple trailer light kits for your specific trailer. These include waterproof, magnetic mount, and submersible options; these are best suited for marine applications. Clearance marker lights are great for increasing visibility and are a more permanent solution than reflector tape or other short-term fixes. In both incandescent and LED options, Del City provides great options to protect and identify your vehicle, trailer, sport vehicle, or boat. For marine spotlights, Del City offers Marinco lighting; one the most versatile as well as durable spotlights in the marine realm. These are UV and weatherproof as well as providing tilt functions with ease. Marinco spotlights are also moisture, salt, shock, and vibration tested. Warning lights are helpful in the marine space to signal others around you that your vehicle is present and may require caution. With the variety of mounting types and varieties available, Del City is sure to have the LED ECCO warning light that is best for your vehicle. Del City also offers diodes which are frequently used in LED lights, relays, and other circuit applications. They protect circuits against transients and over voltage as well as back feed or reverse voltage. With this wide array of marine lighting products, Del City is the place for you.

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