Marine Rated Terminals

An electrical install cannot be completed without the proper terminal. This is why Del City accumulated our best terminals (of our 650+ types) for a marine application. We know that space is tight on a boat or other marine vehicle and want to provide the best protection with the easiest use. For a simple connection of two wires, a butt connector would be your best choice. Del City offers insulated types that provide a watertight seal, which is absolutely necessary in the marine realm. Push connectors are flat, which makes them easy to fit into small spaces. Just connect the male and female push-on terminal to secure your connection. This type of terminal comes in many variations for your perfect fit. Hook terminals are perfect to terminate a single wire. These allow a connection to a screw or stud type connection, making for a quick and secure termination. Like a hook terminal, a ring terminal is used for a single wire connection. The ring shape provides a completely sealed connection while being available in a variety of materials, heat ratings, and sizes. The shape of a spade terminal makes it incredibly easy to connect or disconnect a single wire termination and is great in small spaces. Bullet connectors feature male and female counterparts that are mated together for a multiple wire connection. The fused connection gives these connectors maximum strength and conductivity. For a larger job with multiple wires, a X & Y terminal would be a great fit as it connects multiple wires to one central point. Need multiple kinds of terminals for your marine application? Del City also offers terminal kits which provide a variety of terminal types; these are great to have on hand!

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