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Marvel Mystery Oil

Marvel Mystery Oil is a gas and oil additive that helps improve the overall performance of your vehicle. The mystery oil lubricates the entire fuel system and will help to protect and reduce harmful build-up on your vehicle. Varnish and gum build up are two of the key contributors to robbing engine performance from your vehicle. When Marvel Mystery Oil is added direct to your fuel, this build-up is greatly reduced. The mystery oil also reduces carbon build-up on spark plugs, resulting in better firing plugs to increase performance and durability. In addition, the mystery oil improves fuel mileage by reducing internal friction within the engine. Protect your vehicle and its engine performance by using Marvel Mystery Oil to keep your vehicle running better, longer.

  • Oil and gas additive that lubricates areas motor oil does not reach.
  • Mystery Oil should be used with every fuel fill-up: 4 ounces for every 10 gallons of fuel.
  • Note for Diesel Fuel Users: this diesel fuel additive does not comply with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in model 2007 and newer diesel motor vehicles.
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