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MAXI Inline Fuse Holder - 6 Gauge

Del City’s MAXI Fuse Holder is designed specifically with MAXI fuses in mind. The standard MAXI Fuse Holder will ensure that your fuse is held securely in place and will stay put for your application. This MAXI Fuse Holder is an inline holder. This makes it a weather resistant fuse holder and is best used in applications where moisture is a concern. The MAXI Fuse Holder has a removal cap. This provides extra protection and easy inspection for your maxi fuse. The removable cap on the Maxi Fuse Holder is designed with a removable strap. This sets up the fuse holder to fit the specific needs of your application and to be a more versatile fuse holder. This MAXI Fuse Holder comes with 5 back heavy-duty, 6 gauge GPT wire leads. MAXI fuses are sold separately and are not included with the MAXI Fuse Holder. Shop Del City to keep your MAXI fuses secure and in place with a MAXI Fuse Holder today!

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78515 MAXI Fuse Holder, 6 Gauge, 20-60 Amps (1 MIN) 9.71 1 EA

LED MAXI Fuse Holder - 6 Gauge

MAXI fuse holder with red LED warning light illuminates when a fuse has blown. Rated to -20°C to +85°C. Manufactured with 5" AWG wire red leads. This 20-60A fuse holder is constructed with 6 gauge wire. Compatible with MAXI blade fuses.

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78516 MAXI Fuse Holder, 6 Gauge, 60 Amps Max with LED Light (1 MIN)
9.63 I 7.50 I 6.30
1 EA
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