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MAXI® Inline Fuse Holder - 6 Gauge

Del City’s MAXI® Fuse Holder is designed specifically with MAXI® fuses in mind. The standard MAXI® Fuse Holder will ensure that your fuse is held securely in place and will stay put for your application. This MAXI® Fuse Holder is an inline holder. This makes it a weather resistant fuse holder and is best used in applications where moisture is a concern. The MAXI® Fuse Holder has a removal cap. This provides extra protection and easy inspection for your maxi fuse. The removable cap on the MAXI® Fuse Holder is designed with a removable strap. This sets up the fuse holder to fit the specific needs of your application and to be a more versatile fuse holder. This MAXI® Fuse Holder comes with 5 back heavy-duty, 6 gauge GPT wire leads. MAXI® fuses are sold separately and are not included with the MAXI® Fuse Holder. Shop Del City to keep your MAXI® fuses secure and in place with a MAXI® Fuse Holder today!

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78515 MAXI Inline Fuse Holder, Black w/ Black Leads, 6 Ga, 60 Amp Max (1 MIN) 9.71 1 EA

LED MAXI® Fuse Holder - 6 Gauge

MAXI® fuse holder with red LED warning light illuminates when a fuse has blown. Rated to -20°C to +85°C. Manufactured with 5" AWG wire red leads. This 20-60A fuse holder is constructed with 6 gauge wire. Compatible with MAXI® blade fuses.

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78516 MAXI Inline Fuse Holder, Black w/ Red Leads, LED Light, 6 Ga, 60 Amp Max (1 MIN)
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