Metri Pack 280 Sealed Connectors & Components

The Delphi/Packard Metri Pack 280 line is a sealed connection system with an OEM design. The connectors are commonly used in engine compartments of automotive, marine, and agricultural vehicles. Metri Pack 280 connectors are constructed of a nylon plastic material with silicone seals to prevent debris and moisture entering the connection. The 280 series offers male and female housings in 1 to 5 connection options with specifically designed terminals. The Metri 280 terminals create proper connection positioning by locking the cable seal into the housing connector cavity. Metri Pack 280 specific crimper and removal tools are also available for a simplified replacement and install process. Specialty 280 series kits can be found for ensuring you have the connectors and terminals needed on hand. Shop our entire line of Metri Pack 280 for the best OEM connection on your vehicle.