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MICRO2® Fuse Holders & Adapters

Del City offers a variety of MICRO2® fuse holder and MICRO2® fuse circuit tap options to accompany your MICRO2® fuses. Fuse holders provide a secure circuit connection for electrical applications, and fuse circuit taps convert one fuse into two fusible circuits. For the products listed below, MICRO2® blade fuses are the compatible fuse option. Each MICRO2® fuse holder below comes with two 12 gauge wire leads, and is considered inline. Additionally, each is rated to 30 amps. However, there are a couple of characteristic selections. For example, one option is rated up to 32V DC, while the other is 12V /24V DC. Then, the temperature rating for the fuse body TPR varies. One option is -20°C to +85°C and the other is to 105°C. Not only are the ratings of each MICRO2® fuse holder different, but they also have functional and aesthetic differences. One has yellow AWG wire leads which are 5"" long, while the other has red AWG wire leads which are 4"" long. Perhaps most notably, one of the MICRO2® fuse holder choices has a LED warning light to easily indicate when a fuse is blown. With a wide variety of amperages available for MICRO2® fuses and compatible accessories like these MICRO2® fuse holders, Del City is your direct source for all your MICRO2® needs!

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