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Mini ATM Fuse Blocks

Mini Blade ATM Fuse Block - Automotive and Marine

Mini Blade ATM Fuse Block - Automotive and Marine 6-way mini fuse block 8-way fuse block 10-way mini atm fuse block

Mini blade ATM fuse blocks are designed for surface mounting and are compatible with any mini fuse. Mini blade ATM fuse blocks are becoming more popular in newer automotive and marine applications.

  • This surface mount fuse block is compatible with any MiniĀ® fuse, and is rated up to 15 amps per circuit at 12V DC.
  • .250" male blade (side blade installation).
  • Base material is nylon UL 94VO.
  • Polycarbonate cover includes rubber gasket to help seal out debris.
Item Description Price
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75800 Mini Fuse Block 4-way (1 MIN)
14.55 I 13.31 I 12.62
1 EA
75805 Mini Fuse Block, 6-way (1 MIN)
17.12 I 15.19 I 13.89
1 EA
75810 Mini Fuse Block, 8-way (1 MIN)
20.22 I 17.96 I 16.40
1 EA
75815 Mini Fuse Block, 10-way (1 MIN)
25.07 I 22.33 I 20.53
1 EA