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MINI® Fuse & JCASE® Fuse Holder - 32V DC, 60 Amp

The 2+2 MINI® fuse and JCASE® fuse holder accommodates two MINI fuses and two JCASE® fuses. The use of these fuse types provides an amperage range of 2-60A in a compact package. The four fuses are bussed internally to the main power stud. This allows the user to reduce wiring by making one input connection to power four fuse circuits. The 2+2 holder is a sealed module enabling it to be used in heavy duty environments. A stud cap is provided to protect input stud area from accidental shorts. TPAs are also included to provide secondary locking of each wire terminal.

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73841 Littelfuse BPDMA104HXF1, Fuse Holder for MINI and JCASE Fuses, Sealed, 32VDC
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