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Non-Insulated Step-Down Butt Connectors

Non-insulated, step-down butt connectors are terminals that are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire. Each step down butt splice is designed to allow the ability to connect two different gauge sized wires. A non-insulated step-down butt connector is commonly found in vehicles and other applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current.

  • Consistent wall thickness throughout the length of the terminal ensures a secure, mechanical crimp on both ends of the terminal.
  • Each side of the barrel is clearly marked with industry standard color-coding for easy gauge size identification.
  • Viewing window allows you to visually inspect the security of your crimp.
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220115 Non-Insulated Step-Down Butt Connector, 26-24/22-18 Ga (10 MIN)
0.40450 I 0.32650 I 0.29120
10 EA
221115 Non-Insulated Step-Down Butt Connector, 22-18/16-14 Ga (10 MIN)
0.46250 I 0.36640 I 0.32680
10 EA
222115 Non-Insulated Step-Down Butt Connector, 16-14/12-10 Ga (10 MIN)
0.65660 I 0.52800 I 0.47080
10 EA
223115 Non-Insulated Step-Down Butt Connector, 12-10/8 Ga (10 MIN)
0.85250 I 0.71190 I 0.63500
10 EA
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