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Nylon Double Locking Hose Clamps - 0.34"-0.81" Clamp Diameter

Nylon hose clamps are a unique clamping solution that allows for reuse without any cutting. The clamps have snapping style grooves to tighten. They are quickly and easily installed by tightening down with a simple hand pliers or air tool. To remove, slide the snapping grooves horizontally and the clamp will release. The clamps are made from a lightweight nylon 6/6 material. They resist corrosion, salt water, weak acids, grease, and other common solvents. Available clamp descriptions contain the effective clamping range with a minimum and maximum diameter of each available clamp. Clamps are most common in low pressure automotive applications.

  • Quick & easy to install.
  • Tighten instantly with hand pliers.
  • Reusable - can be removed without cutting.
  • Nylon 6/6 material.
  • 94V-2 Flammability Rating.
  • Temperature Range: 32°F - 221°F (0°C - 105°C)
0.34"-0.66" DIAMETER 0.67"-1.19" DIAMETER 1.25"-2.38" DIAMETER 0.34"-0.81" DOUBLE LOCKING
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236930 Double Locking Nylon Hose Clamp, Black, .34" to .41" (10 MIN)
0.37450 I 0.33700 I 0.28080
10 EA
236931 Double Locking Nylon Hose Clamp, Black, .53" to .59" (10 MIN)
0.46410 I 0.41770 I 0.34810
10 EA
236932 Double Locking Nylon Hose Clamp, Black, .67" to .81" (10 MIN)
0.47590 I 0.42830 I 0.35700
10 EA