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ORION® Road Flares

ORION® Safety Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of flares and other emergency signaling devices. All of ORION®’s flare products are made in the U.S.A. under the industry’s quality and safety guidelines. Flares are the universal emergency distress signal for alerting oncoming traffic of a life-threatening situation. Three flares create the equivalent ""safety zone"" needed to meet road safety guidelines. Flares are used to effectively signal an emergency day or night, and in all weather conditions. Road flares are self-contained and self-consumed eliminating the need for the user to reenter the danger zone. ORION®'s flares have no expiration date when properly stored. Store away from excessive heat (above 167°F), sparks or flames and incompatible materials. Normal recommended storage temperatures are between 40° and 90°F. To be prepared in an emergency, shop Del City for all your safety needs.

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