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Open Barrel Terminal Crimp Tool

The open barrel crimp tool is designed to crimp non-insulated, open barrel terminals, also known as OEM terminals. It has five crimp stations that roll the open barrel terminal tabs over the wire and insulation, crimping them to the terminal.

  • Crimps 24-12 gauge OEM type (open barrel) automotive terminals
  • Five crimping stages
  • "F" crimping nests make rollover crimps on both stranding (electrical crimp) and insulation (strain relief)
  • For crimping terminal part nos. 929895, 929875, 925725, 925735, 14601422, 14601622, 14621422, 14621622
  • Ideal crimp tool for Deutsch Compatible A Series Connectors
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990170 Crimp Tool, 22-12 Gauge Open Barrel F-Type OEM #12085271 (1 MIN) 34.86 1 EA