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Cartridge Fuses - FLS Series

A FLS series cartridge fuse is a standard female terminal fuse and is typically found in newer car models that require high amperage circuit protection. The female design helps reduce typical replacement wear on automotive or marine fuse boxes.

  • Equipped with visual window to inspect for blown fuse.
  • Available in 30 and 40 amps.
  • Color-coded for easy amp identification.
  • Voltage rating: 32V AC/DC.
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79538 Littelfuse 0PAL330.X, PAL Fuse FLS Series, Female Terminal, Pink, 30 Amp, 32V
4.88500 4.88 I 3.89200 3.89 I 3.12600 3.13
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79539 Littelfuse 0PAL340.X, PAL Fuse FLS Series, Female Terminal, Green, 40 Amp, 32V
4.93700 4.94 I 3.91200 3.91 I 3.12600 3.13
1 EA
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