Power Distribution

Relays are not the only option Del City offers for power distribution. Various blocks are bars are great power distribution tools for marine as they complete multiple jobs in one, as well as saving space and providing extra protection. Junction blocks are ideal for heavy duty applications (including marine) as they provide extra power. Del City offers many types of junction blocks with the standard mounting types being standalone or stud-type blocks. With so many terminals in marine applications, a terminal block can keep your application organized as well as making sure power is distributed evenly. Terminal strips vary in size depending on the power you need. Blue Sea Systems offers fully insulated terminal blocks that are manufactured with the marine application in mind. This brand is Del City’s highest recommendation for environments that interact with water on a regular basis. Power distribution blocks provide a common area for AC or DC connections, as well as positive and negative connections. Power distribution blocks are needed from a single wire to multiple smaller wires. Without a block like this, power would not be evenly distributed and the boat or marine vehicle would not work properly. Junction boxes are used to join trailer wire or cable connections. J1939 Multiplex/CAN BUS Systems is a versatile tool that accepts messages from a variety of sources. The tool then listens to these messages and follows directions as needed. Del City also offers solenoids, bus bars, pass through distribution, and Dill Blox Modular Systems to fit to more specific marine power distribution needs. Check out our wide variety below for your best fit!

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