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Infinity Box PowerCell Control Unit

The J1939 PowerCell gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit. It uses solid-state MOSFETs on each output for rugged and durable control. You can connect any J1939 device to the PowerCell to control the outputs. These include switch panels, touch screens and other J1939 enabled controllers. You simply connect power and ground to the cell, connect your loads to the PowerCell outputs and connect your J1939 device. The PowerCell is programmed to accept J1939 CAN messages from a variety of sources to control the outputs. You can select from a variety of output behaviors including tracking, toggling, timing, patterned, delay and pulse-width modulated. Custom behavior can be programmed at the factory. The PowerCell is a completely integrated power distribution module. It includes the switching through MOSFETs, integrated fuse holders to protect the wire harness and indicator LEDs on each output to ease diagnostics and troubleshooting. Module features include: simple power distribution through any J1939 input device, 10 outputs per each PowerCell, solid-state MOSFET outputs, internal fuses for harness protection, up to 6 PowerCells on one J1939 network, standard automotive connectors for simple harnessing, enclosures sealed for mounting flexibility, integrated output LEDs for output status and diagnostics, output configuration set by CAN messages sent from J1939 input device. Enclosures and connectors sealed to IP67. Standard Delphi Packard connectors and terminals. All materials are UL 94V0. Connect up to 6 PowerCell's on one J1939 network.

  • Input voltage range: 6-14.2V DC.
  • Maximum number of nodes: 10.
  • Output node technology: MOSFET (up to 25A). Output switch type: High-side. PWM nodes: 8.
  • Maximum temperature: 125°C.
  • Built-in diagnostics status indicators on all output nodes. Standard node application library.
  • J1939 PGN Range: FF00 to FF0F. J1939 Source Address: 30 Decimal. J1939 Bitrate: 250 kb/sec. J1939 Message Size: 8 bytes.
  • Required items to complete wiring of PowerCell: 1 PowerCell Harness Kit, 1 CAN Component Kit, and 10 Mini Fuses.
  • Each cell must have its primary feeds protected as well. You can achieve this protection with your choice of MIDI Fuses and Holders, MEGA Fuses and Holders, or Circuit Breakers.
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