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ISSPRO EV2 Fuel Pressure Gauges

ISSPRO's EV² Performance Series fuel pressure gauge is an electric gauge with microprocessor-controlled stepper motor movement, LED back lighting, precision sender, and full 270° needle sweep. Each gauge below contains all items needed for typical installation.

  • Black face, red pointer, black bezel, white lettering, green backlighting.
  • Full 270° sweep.
  • Gauge size: 2-1/16".
  • Frontally sealed for harsh environments.
  • ISSPRO part R17044.
  • Made in the USA.
0-30 PSI 0-100 PSI
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4017044 Fuel Pressure Gauge, EV2, 0-100 PSI, ISSPRO R17044 (1 MIN) 187.24 1 EA