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Heat Shrink & Solder Push-On Terminals - 16-14 Gauge

Heat shrink, solder push-on terminals are female and male blade type connectors that mate with each other to connect or disconnect a wired connection. These terminals provide the ability to solder wire to the terminal and heat shrink the terminal and wire connection together, providing a better chance of reliable connectivity. Heat shrink, solder push-on terminals are typically used in auto and marine vehicles, but can be used in various other electrical applications as well.

  • Heat shrink is adhesive-lined and color-coded to industry standard wire range.
  • The translucent, gauge printed heat shrink allows for visual inspection.
  • Have a greater pull strength when compared to vinyl or nylon.
  • Heat shrink terminals protect against corrosion and are waterproof.
  • Rated to 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, 105° C.
  • click here to view proper solder sleeve terminal installation
  • Click here for heating tools.
20-18 GAUGE 16-14 GAUGE 12-10 GAUGE
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966735 Solder Sleeve, Female Push-On Terminal, .250" Fully Insulated, 16-14 Ga (10 MIN)
0.90670 I 0.73770 I 0.56200
10 EA
966835 Solder Sleeve, Female Push-on Terminal, .250", 16-14 Ga (10 MIN)
0.79720 I 0.65240 I 0.52190
10 EA
966745 Solder Sleeve, Male Push-on Terminal, .250", 16-14 Ga (10 MIN)
0.70350 I 0.55320 I 0.46830
10 EA