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Nylon, Brass Sleeve, Fully-Insulated Push-On Terminals - 12-10 Gauge

Nylon-insulated with brass sleeve push-on terminals are blade type connectors used to mate, connect or terminate a single wire. The nylon material is more flexible and pliable than other insulation types when crimping, and resists heat better than other insulation types. The transparency of the insulation allows easy visibility and inspection of the wire connection inside the connector. These nylon-insulated connectors are commonly used in automotive and marine vehicles, but can be used in other applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current as well.

  • Used where insulated barrel and positive insulation grip are necessary or desirable.
  • Seamless brass sleeve securely covers the flared, molded nylon.
  • Insulation is securely molded onto brass sleeve and is flared for easier wire insertion.
  • Allows for an excellent mechanical crimp and wire strain relief.
  • Industry standard color-coding indicates wire range.
  • Rated to 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, 1050 C.
22-18 GAUGE 16-14 GAUGE 12-10 GAUGE
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695005 Fully Insulated Female Push-On Terminal, .250", 12-10 Ga (100 MIN)
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635005 Fully Insulated Male Push-On Terminal, .250", 12-10 Ga (100 MIN)
0.44760 I 0.36440 I 0.28300
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