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12 Volt Outlet Receptacle - Snap-In

12 Volt outlet power receptacles are ideal for adding or replacing a power connection on applications such as trailers, RVs, and boats. Del City’s 12 volt outlet and 12 volt receptacle products are manufactured from corrosion resistant, marine-grade material. These products feature a unique interconnecting system that securely locks the plug and 12 volt receptacle into place, creating a positive connection and moisture resistant seal. The 12 volt outlet, 12 volt receptacle, and plug feature optimize metal connection points for maximum connectivity. Different installation and mounting styles of our 12 volt outlet power receptacles are available.

  • No locking rings are required.
  • Watertight sealing cap.
  • Easy to install, no locking rings required. Just snap in.
  • Compatible with standard 12V plugs.
  • Mounting dimensions: 1.132” / 2 - 1.280” X 0.450” notches.
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19012104 Deluxe 12V Receptacle, Snap-In (1 MIN) 6.76 1 EA