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Dill Blox Relay & Flasher Modules - Bases

The Dill Blox module power distribution system has a variety of relay and flasher modules to accommodate ISO relays, flasher, 9 pin relays, 280 micro relays, and mini relays. Select which size block suits your power distribution system the best and complete your customized panel with a secondary lock (only for ISO relay module) and terminals. To connect more than one module together, use the universal locking wedge. Expand your panel to other Dill Blox modules such as ATO Fuse, Mini Fuse, Maxi Fuse, or Stud modules for complete customization. The Dill Blox system allows for unlimited flexibility when designing electrical distribution systems or fuse block setups. The modules can be modified, re-sized, reconfigured, or added to at any time.

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79957 Dillblox 1-Position ISO Relay Module (1 MIN)
2.50 I 2.25 I 2.00
1 EA
79958 Dillblox 2-Position ISO Relay Module (1 MIN)
3.75 I 3.50 I 3.00
1 EA
79960 Dillblox Flasher Module (1 MIN)
3.50 I 3.25 I 3.00
1 EA
79961 Dillblox 1-Position 9 Pin Relay Module, 5 Inner, 4 Outer Pins (1 MIN)
2.75 I 2.50 I 2.25
1 EA
79962 Dillblox 2-Position 280 Micro Relay + 2-Position Mini Style Fuse (1 MIN)
6.00 I 5.75 I 5.50
1 EA