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Relay with Diode #85 Negative - 12V DC, 30/50 Amp

This relay has an 85 negative polarity and allows a low current flow circuit to control a high current flow circuit. They are remote control electronic switches that are normally controlled by another switch, computer or control module. The internal diode within this relay protects sensitive equipment against voltage spikes. The lack of a mounting bracket on the relay allows an easy fit within standard fuse boxes. The best solution for full voltage applicable to head lamps, auxiliary lamps, fog horns, motors for fans, window lifters, air conditioners, heated rear windows, or the myriad of other equipment existing on vehicles today.

  • The diode eliminates voltage spikes which can damage sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Engineered to deliver a superior performance over a long life.
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -40° C to 85° C.
  • Mechanical life - no load = 1,000,000 cycles at +85° C.
  • N.O. contacts will carry a continuous load of 50 amps.
  • 12V DC, 30/50 amp.
  • 896H-1CH-D-001-12VDC = Item #73986.
  • Diode polarity =Terminal #85 negative (-), Terminal #86 positive (+).
  • Click here for additional relay information.
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73986 NC/NO Change Over Relay w/Diode, 30/50A, 12V DC (1 MIN) drawing
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