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This relay has an 85 positive polarity and acts as a remote control electronic switch that can be controlled by another switch, computer or control module. Relays allow a low current flow circuit to control a high current flow circuit. The internal diode within this relay protects sensitive equipment against voltage spikes. The lack of a mounting bracket on the relay allows an easy fit within standard fuse boxes.

  • The diode eliminates a voltage spike.
  • The best solution for full voltage applicable to head lamps, auxiliary lamps, fog horns, motors for fans, or the myriad of other equipment existing on motor and marine vehicles today.
  • Engineered to deliver a superior performance over a long life.
  • Permissible ambient temperature -40° C to 85° C.
  • Mechanical Life - no load = 1,000,000 cycles at +85° C the N.O. contacts will carry a continuous load of 50 amps.
  • 12 volt; 30/50 amp.
  • 896H-1CH-C-002-12VDC = Item #73990.
  • Diode polarity =Terminal #85 positive (+), Terminal #86 negative (-).
  • Change Over Rely with Diode Spec Sheet
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73990 NC/NO Change Over Relay w/Diode, 30/50A, 12V DC (1 MIN) drawing
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