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Grounded Continuous Solenoid Switch - SPST, 12V 100A

DC Solenoid Switch

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This 12 volt, DC grounded continuous solenoid switch is used for heavy duty applications like a motor on-off control, winches, snow plows and other heavy electric motor applications. Solenoids are a current carrying coil of wire, wrapped around an iron core that when energized, creates a magnetic field which produces a high current and force. This makes solenoids very advantageous because it allows for a low input while generating a larger output, as in the case of a starter solenoid.

  • SPST, 12V DC, Continuous
  • 100A models available
  • 3 Studs
12V, 100A
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67015 SPST 12V 100A Grounded Continuous Solenoid (1 MIN) 29.05 1 EA