Releasable Cable Ties

Find the same great strength of standard cable ties but with the adjustable qualities you need for temporary bundles with Del City's selection of releasable cable ties and reusable zip ties. Our releasable cable ties are designed to save you time and money while still providing a durable and reliable bundle hold. Designed with a secure grip, these reusable zip ties and releasable cable ties provide the strength and opportunity to easily resize and release any bundling job.

Releasable and reusable cable ties are available in four different options including beadle wrap, standard, grip strip, and flexible straps. The beadle wrap releasable cable ties are easier to use than a standard twist tie and are stronger and more versatile than a regular cable tie due to their double lock bead and keyhole slots. Our standard releasable cable ties have the same strength and quality of our standard cable ties but with a locking head. This locking head design allows you to open your bundle, add additional or remove wires, and again close your bundle with ease making them the go-to reusable cable ties. Grip strip Velcro reusable zip ties are ideal for temporary bundles that need to be opened regularly or readjusted. With a cinch tab that allows the strip to attach to various bundles of cables or cords, grip strip reusable zip ties are the perfect organization tool for in your home or office. Finally, the flexible straps are ideal reusable cable ties for everyday organization needs. Whether it be on the job or in your car, these flexible straps are an easy solution for when you need a quick and sturdy bundle job. Get the same durable bundle you expect but with versatile options with any of releasable or reusable cable ties and zip ties below.

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